Volunteer Trial Positions

These positions are filled by many individuals during a trial. Volunteers receive raffle tickets for EMAC Bucks or gift baskets.

  • Bar Setter/Ring Crew
  • Course Builder
  • Gate
  • Leash Runner
  • Scribe
  • Sheet Runner
  • Timer
  • Shadowing a Compensated Position that does not have an “Assistant” level

Compensated Trial Positions

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Sign-up for a Compensated Trial Position (or to shadow one)

EMAC provides formal compensation for the trial positions listed below (usually one dog’s runs at a trial). There are two categories of compensated trial positions:

REGULAR trial positions are filled by a member who has committed to performing that job for the full calendar year.

ROTATING trial positions may be performed by a different member at each trial.

    • Assistant Trial Chair
    • Assistant Trial Secretary
    • Assistant Chief Course Builder
    • Camping Coordinator
    • Chief Course Builder
    • Contract Coordinator
    • Hospitality Coordinator
    • Ribbon Coordinator
    • Trial Chair
    • Trial Fun Run Coordinator
    • Trial Secretary
    • Volunteer Coordinator

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    Most positions require some training. Job shadowing is considered a Volunteer position at a trial and earns tickets for EMAC Bucks/Raffle Baskets just like the other volunteer positions do.

      Sign-up for a Compensated Trial Position (or to shadow one)

        It is EMAC’s policy that any EMAC member in good standing can express their interest in any of these positions and be considered by the Board to fill it. To express your interest in a position, click the link above.