How is a Fun Run Different From a Trial and What Can I expect?

EMAC holds 2-3 Fun Runs every year. Fun Runs give Dog-Handler teams a chance to practice their “game” in a trial-like setting, but without the inconvenience of a Judge, faults, NTs, or, “Thank you (please leave the ring now)!” Fun Runs also help raise funds to support EMAC.

Fun Run vs. Trail – Differences

  • Fun Runs are usually one-day events
  • Dog-Handler Teams get up to 3 runs during a Fun Run event
  • The first run is usually 2 minutes (an eternity for the Handler!) and 90 seconds for subsequent runs (this varies depending on how many participants there are)
  • You can run whatever course you wish (or not run a course at all)
  • You can practice whatever obstacles you want, however many times you want
  • You are allowed to take toys into the ring at your discretion
  • Treats are also allowed SOMETIMES – it depends on the venue and timing (i.e., whether there will be a trial there the next day or not). Check with the Fun Run coordinator if using treats is important for you.
  • The run order is determined in advance like at a trial; dogs run by height class (so we’re not constantly changing bar heights), but all levels run together.
  • EMAC members pay $10 per dog; non-members pay $15
  • There is NO JUDGE, no faults, no NTs

Fun Run vs Trial – Similaries

  • The ring is just like at a trial complete with spectators and ring crew
  • Same equipment
  • A Gate Sheet is posted at the entry and coordinated by a Gate Steward
  • WE NEED VOLUNTEERS TO WORK THE RING (ring crew, leash runner, etc.)
  • Volunteer sign-up sheets will be posted on the EMAC FaceBook page and at the venue
  • We usually have raffle baskets and snacks for volunteers