Charitable Donations and Empathetic Giving Committee

Eastern Maine Agility Club (The Club) wishes to formalize its tradition of donating to charitable canine-related organizations and member’s financial hardship needs as well as expressions of empathy to individuals in the canine community. In furtherance of this goal, The Club hereby establishes a Charitable Donations and Empathetic Giving Committee that shall consist of one member of the Board of Directors and two Club Members in good standing, all appointed by a majority vote of the Board of Directors.

Each calendar year the Board of Directors shall establish an amount of money dedicated to charitable or empathetic giving. That amount may be a specific amount (e.g., $1000.00) or it may be gross or net income from a specific activity (e.g., Fun Runs) or a combination of both. Each year, The Charitable Donations and Empathetic Giving Committee shall survey the Club’s members for charitable giving ideas and then have sole responsibility for allocating that money among charitable organizations, member’s financial needs, or expressions of empathy. Wherever possible, the Charitable Donations Committee shall leverage the Club’s giving by utilizing such techniques as matching donations, etc.

The Club shall limit its donations and empathetic gifts to entities falling within the following categories:

  1. Organizations that promote the health, safety and care of canines.
  2. Organizations that train or utilize public service canines.
  3. Sponsorships for canine related charity events.
  4. Canine disaster relief.
  5. Member financial hardship.

Any funds budgeted, but not expended, for any calendar year shall revert back to the general funds of The Club.

Nothing in this policy is intended to prevent The Club from addressing charitable needs that may arise but which cannot be covered by this general policy.